In depth discussion of issues that affect the people of African decent throughout the world.


In 2019, we aim to release our first documentary. Currently titled: "Project Emanation." This project will further delve into the rich history of Charlottesville, beyond the current upheaval. We aim to capture stories from local residents, officials, business owners, to discuss their experiences in Charlottesville and how it has affected their families over the years. In addition, how can Charlottesville lead by example in changing the negative viewpoint of its citizens that are people of different color. Further, we will be leading a project discussing extreme challenges and life-alternating solutions that are working in the country of Ghana, Africa. 


Bringing in preeminent business and civic leaders from both the private and public sector, the series provides our community with insightful perspectives on effective leadership and the opportunity for thought-provoking discussions on current topics facing the business, education, and political communities; and the world at large. The series aims to bring in speakers that reflect our diverse community and the diverse world in which we live in. 


As an entrepreneur or small business owner, there’s always something more to learn. Whether it’s admin, marketing, branding, product development, e-commerce or something else, developing your skills is essential to improving your business. Thus our workshops aim to provide many tools for the growing entrepreneur. Oor workshops will include human resources, leadership training, problem-solving, writing, education, and more. 

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