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This Is How Our Story Began

ChrysaList Studios is a platform for the promotion of oral tradition, storytelling to heal. In recognition that change is inevitable, we plan to promote the concept of bursting out of the pupua to become the beautiful fulfilled creature conceptualized before the beginning of time. Our goal is to promote that growth through storytelling, coaching, workshops, innovation, and acknowledgment that change is an individualized process. In order for us to evolve, we must go through a process. 


About Mary Mitchell

Born Charlottesville, Va to two parents who struggled with poor education, and underemployment. One brother living in multi-generational home living in the memory of grandfather, a southern Baptist minister who died before I was born. Attended Baptist church but later changed to Episcopalian and became a lay minister and parish nurse. Worked as a broadcaster in local religious broadcast station. Graduated from high school, year early. Attended segregated school until 5th grade, while absorbing the black culture in our community. Traveled with parents every summer to Mass, where they worked for major corporation boss. Interacted with celebs at early age. Studied at St Aug in Raleigh, NC. Married, lived Cathem Germany. Had one daughter in Germany. Ran golf course concessions.  Moved to Missouri, worked in a factory, lived in base housing after the tornado that tore up base trailer park. Move to Virginia, worked for NASA, attended school to study material management. Lived in Charlottesville, worked in a laboratory and later, had my 2nd daughter. Moved to Baltimore, worked in a blood bank and the Westinghouse making computer chips. Back to Charlottesville, studying nursing. Divorced 1st husband, and worked and studied at Georgetown. Degree in liberal studies. I met my 2nd husband while traveling to Puerto Rico. Became active as a disability advocate, opened a company to care for those with disabilities, which ultimately lead to becoming a delegate at the UN promoting disability rights. Divorced form 2nd husband. Continued to study, worked at Howard University.  While working at Howard University, I met my 3rd husband, who was also an ob/gyn doctor.  Traveled to Ghana, his home, and was made queen mother. Became a spokesperson for hospice, disabilities, and bone marrow donation. Managed organizations, continued education masters in global history, 2nd bachelors in nursing. Moved to Virginia to care for parents until death, and stayed. Divorced 3rd husband and managed to keep all three as friends. Studied as parents told me that education was the key to open doors. Working on PhD program in health services when I became cognitively challenged. Stopped working in 6 figure profession, and started 7 businesses to challenge my new life. Managing real estate investments, credit repair, staging, temp RN assignments, insurance agent, non-profit director, travel agent, legal services, Mother grandmother, disability advocate, autism program and montessorri promoter.


I was working in nursing and directing MOADE with six figure income until I was diagnosed with intracranial hypotension with resultant changes in cognition in 8/2017. I stopped all of this activity and was in rehab until 2/18. It was at that time that I starting establishing multiple lines of business and to develop a legacy for my grandson who has altruism, to show that you can overcome any labels and leave a legacy for others.


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